Classify Various Meters

  • All exercises can be repeated as many times as you'd like up to the due date
  • To earn credit for an exercise you must score 90% or higher and complete 20 problems
  • Each attempt will have a time limit of 5 minutes
  • If you achieve a score lower than 90%, or run out of time before doing 20 problems, the exercise will give you the option to restart
  • Once you complete an exercise, you can return to practice anytime you like, once graded your grade will not change with further attempts.
For each time signature you see, identify it's division (whether it is simple or compound), and identify it's number of beats (either duple, triple, or quadruple). A "C" (common time) represents 4/4 and a "C" with a slash through it (cut time) is 2/2.